What is Circuit Bending ? 
Matriciel SK-1 A-REV.3.1
I put a LTC1799 oscillator to control the pitch of the processor at the best possible. Really amazing !
Note that I change the front panel of the rotaries encoder ( you can see this encoder working in the older video ).
Soon a demo of the MIDI module of this SK1...

Classic Toy
Medium Bent

French S&S

I've install the MidiSpeak2 kit from Highly Liquid in a ROM mode ( 2 modes in the same box ).
See on
On the Speak and Spell, I put a pitch  & two disto. I note that in rom mode some glitch don't work anymore, I've to find some other.
I'm working on it actually.

Usual Toys

Keyboarded French S&S REV.2

I've install a MidiSpeak2 kit from Highly Liquid in a Keypad mode.
The kit is in a box it plug to the speak & Spell with a 25 pin printer D-sub.

Usual Toys

Matriciel SK-1 A-REV.3

I build a midi module SKM2 from Highly Liquid into a little box (opened in the picture).
The module is connected to the SK1 with a 25 pin D-sub (an old serial printer port).
 It can play note and it can control sound bank of the SK1 by using midi in your favorite tracker soft  (I actually try it with Linux Music Studio, a freeware open source clone of FL Studio )

Note that I've removed the 4 ohm speacker because it was scratched.

I'm going to bend the same keyboard, and easily syncronize it, then I could choose to mix them or control them with the computer !

Classic Toy
Medium Bent

VIDEO Matriciel SK-1 A-REV.2
Wait a little for audio in the video !

I put some really light VST to spacialize the 3 mono line output (Phase, Chorus, Reverb...).

Matriciel SK-1 A-REV.2

I've removed the matrix, because this system cause to much problem. It takes to much time to plug the littles cables, and it always get unplug when I put my casio in a transport bag. So I've decided to solder the 12 Out of each rotary switch directly to 12 glitches/pins of the SK1.
RED rotary = YELLOW rotary, Blue = Green...
I've also soldered Yellow rotary switch and RED one to the "Assignable Pot", to explore the frontier between two or three glitches.
I've just try it and :))))) !
This is a really fun instrument !
So I bought another SK-1 to repeat the same tranformation. Then I'll be able to use both to mix some stranges glitchies loops.

Classic Toy
Medium Bent

Matriciel SK-1 A-REV.1

Right to left, top to bottom :
- Speaker,
- Assignable pots, for 2 glitch,
  ( violet pins on the matrix )
- Red open switch ( kill rotary switch ),
- Blue close switch ( play rotary switch ),
- Coloured switch ( kill or play rotary switch ),
- Reset switch ( on the top side ),
- 4 rotary switch, each one can rout 1 input to   12  outputs,
I can sell to benders some rotary switch for a nice price ! 
- 160 pins Matrix to ; 28 pins Sk-1 glitch ( white ),           assignable pot ( violet ), and to rotary switch ( red,       green, blue, yellow zones ).
- Littles coloured cables,
- "One key play" input ( top side ),
- Separated line output ; 1 bass, 1 acc, 1 drum,
  ( on the top side ),

- Switch to constant "Fill in",
- Crash switch ( glitch all ! ),
- Pitch pot,
- Body touch ; Down, ( top side ),
- Drum, Bass, Acc, 3 ways switch
  ( disto, normal, volume ),

- Body touch ; Up ( right side ),
- Disto volume switch,
- Drum, Bass, Acc volumes pots.

Classic Toy
Medium Bent

Delysid Dynamike...
It's this red and black fallic designed thing ; it's a very rare microphone voice transformer from Ohio Art 1982, with a lot of differents tonalities and 1 robotizer effect
( a kind of reverb/delay in fact ).
I've put on it :
. 2 fader pitch ( on the back side ),
. 2 body-contact,
. 2 buzzer-glitch lateral pot,
. 1 disto/1 compression pot.

Ultra Rare Toy

ABC.Piano from BAO...
Right to left, top to bottom :
- 3 body touch ( up, skew, down ),
- Kill batteries switch
( top side ),
- Reset switch ( top side ),
- Kill the sound switch ( red apple ),
- Pitch pot,
- Granulizer pot ( kind of strange time strecher ),
- Granulizer on/off switch.

Rare Toy

Hip-Hop Hamster...

This hamster was made for Mc and Drum&Bass ravers, each couloured pad play a looped rythm. He got some red DEL eyes wich are shining while following the beat !
- 1 pitch
- 2 switch for constant play of blue and yellow rythms.

Ultra Rare Toys

Keyboarded French S&S...

On left side :
- Disto pot,
- 3 glitch switch.
On top side :
- 2 switch for 2 buzzers,
- Looper glitch switch, pitch up switch.
On right side :
- 2 loopers switch,
- 1 glitch switch.
In front of you :
- Buzzers volume pot,
- General pitch pot,
- 2 body touch (up & down),
- 1 octave keyboard to pitch the general sound,
- Reset battery switch.

Usual Toys
Bent (web compilation)

Trashed Redoute KB...

This keyboard can emit ultrasound frequencies, so hight that you can bug your cat !
- 2 body touch
- Picth pot
- Glitch switch
- Switch to invert pitch pot

I can sell you some unbented keyboard, just ask me !

Usual Toy

2. Casio Rapman Schema,

I searched a long time and found some really nice glitch, but anyway, I've sold it because of the ceramic resonator pitch* ( too difficult to bend for me at this time ), and to get money in order to buy some other stuff better and easier for circuit bending.

*Now, I know that you can replace the resonator pitch with a stable oscillator LTC1799 !
I've just buy two here and I'm going to try it soon on the "Chaos French Super S&S".

Rare Toy

1. Chaos French Super S&S...

An instrument to explore the Chaos...
- Glich A to Glich B pot,
- 18 switch connected to 18 differents glitch,
- 3 differents reset switch,
- Glich C to Glich D pot,
- Cut off Disto pot.
- I'm soldering
an oscillator to change the pitch !
Note that there's no analog pitch because of the ceramic resonator ( a strange blue blob on the circuitboard ).

Rare Toy
INFOS, SHEMAS & TIPS for this rare bent ?