RARE & HARD BENT : Super Speak & Spell (french), Super Dictée Magique, Texas Instrument 1991
REV.1 = 2007 - REV.2 = 2009
Glitch Index of the Circuit (REV.1)
A M<>R
continous medium beep
5 A
Fat Disto
Y 5
Crispy Disto
B M<>R
continous medium beep
Say "trouve le mot" & loop error sound
D 6
restart and say "bonjour choisi une activite"
E -
Say an hazardous letter
Play a short glitch loop
¤ Z
Play a medium glitch loop
¤ A
Play a glitch seems near a loop
¤ B
Play a glitch near loop, micro loop at the end
1 2
Play a ong glitch "L" with psychedelic bass beetween short speaking
1 1
Play a good micro loop
1 Z
Play a good glitch medium organic
1 Z
Play a good glitch speed organic
L A<>U
Change the glitch loops
¤ connect to the circuit base or to another letter
But where is the pitch on this French Super Speack & Spell ?

This French Super Speak & Spell have a ceramic resonator clock ( the blue blob 3.07Mhz G1S with 3 legs ).
Does it's means you can't hack the general pitch like in a Speak & Spell from the 70ies and 80ies ?
In 2006... I was thinking "no you can't... it's unbendable ! ", but since I've heard of LTC... I'm quite sure that...

... I can change the pitch !
But it's hard, I'm working closely on it, I put some tips when I'll win this fucking bent ! If you are a beginer bender try to hack something easier because you're going to waste your time here...

Actually I'm reading the service manual of the processor of this toy, and the manual of the oscillator then I put a LTC circuit oscillator from GetLoFi instead of the bad blue blob, but it's not so easy as I was thinking.

Without a correct Voltage Regulator you will burn your LTC with the voltage of the Super Speak and Spell !

You can buy LTC even soldered on a PCB and ask to get a correct voltage regulator for free on

( Note that LTC are 2.5mm large ! So it's really hard to solder ! )

At this time I don't know how to connect the LTC to the processor of the Texas
Super Speak & Spell, I try a lot of stuff, and I've just broken the ceramic resonator when I try to put it away ! >:(
I need to read more to hack it !

I waste a lot of time to get 
the service manual of the Speech Processor of this Super Speak & Spell from Texa Instrument.
In this manual of 206 pages you can untersdand a lot of stuff !

If you really need and want it, Just click on the following icon* :

Take care, cause at this time I did'nt find the correct way to replace the three point of the ceramic resonator by the output and ground (I also don't verify if the LTC is working or not). I ask some oscillitor builder from Max if he know the solution of my problem , he tell me to solder a capacitor, I try it but it doesn't work anymore. It seems to be harder than I expected.
Now I'm working on another project (Midispeak 2 from highly Liquid), and waiting some news and help, Circuit Master is on the Super Speak & Spell 's bending playground.

Some sources : Technical sheet of the LTC http://www.murata.com ( Chap 5, page 28 *.PDF) http://www.token.com.tw ( page 6 *.PDF) http://www.oscilent.com (*.PDF)
This stuff is my first bent.
I have search Glitch during 2 complete days but I'm sure that you can find another interesting thing on it. I'm sharing my research because I want you to find quickly different cool stuff to make a data-glitch_bank on Super Speak&Spell.
Can you send me an Email of your research ? earslicker(@ntispam)free.fr or contact me on myspace http://myspace.com/earslicker

Super Dictée Magique Texas Instrument 1991 JPGCircuit Bending Infos Super Dictée Magique
There are four loopers on this shit. You have 2 potentiometer to select betwen those 4 loopers, you can combinate then. When you press a button on the matrix during a loop is playing, it change it or just made a "Fill in". When you turn the distos potentiometer from dist A to disto B you have a cool cutoff effect. I've just finished this stuff so I must learn how to use it. At this time ; sounds and loops are so glitch and amazing... Listen a first recording here :
*or just contact me... but I like sharing ; I won't give it all done, cause I'm for creativity !